DAVAO CITY: A Visit at Davao Crocodile Park

In my desire to help boost Philippines tourism industry, especially Davao City, I planned of visiting the key tourist destinations in my hometown Davao City to share it to the world. And so to start, let’s first get into the wild at Davao Crocodile Park.

Davao Crocodile Park was considered as one of the key tourist destination in Davao City as it features various exotic animals such as monkeys, snakes, birds, bearcats, tigers, various type of reptiles with of course Crocodiles. It is where you can learn and enjoy the rich flora and fauna of Davao City.

VISIT SAMAL: Seagrass Beach Resort

A resort that offers rustic bleached beach is an ideal refugee to escape from the hectic and fast paced urban life. And for those who are on a tight budget like me but wants to enjoy the heat of the sun and the sea, check out SEAGRASS BEACH RESORT.

Seagrass Beach Resort is located at Barangay San Miguel, Peñaplata, Samal Island, a 20 minute ride from the port of Babak. It is located at a secluded part of Samal Island which offers exclusivity great for Barkada outings, family gatherings and adventurous souls like you.

FOOD TRIP: Light Breakfast at Merco

Early meeting schedule allows me to stumble upon different fast food chains and restaurants available within view. This time, instead of having my breakfast at the chain who offer streetwise bucket meals, I found myself dining at Merco for a light meal.

Merco Restaurant is Davao's home grown bakeshop famous for its delectable cakes and pastries at the most reasonable price. They've been on the business for the past 60+ years offering mouthwatering cakes, coolers, pastries and home-cooked pinoy dishes to fill in your hungry stomach.

Exploring the Mythical Sigaboy Island

It was a gloomy and drizzly sunday morning when we arrived at Sigaboy. But the uninviting weather didn't stop us to explore the town of Governor Generoso. So we head on to the municipality building of Gov. Gen to meet our tour guide and to finally start our adventure packed day.

After some briefing at the municipal building of Gov. Gen, we started our day long trip and our first stop was the barrio of tibanban. The captivating view of the fishing quarry with the Sigaboy Island on its background is a perfect welcome view to start up our day.

The Majestic Beauty of Cape San Agustin

Last May 5, 2013 we explored the key tourist destinations of the coastal town of Governor Generoso. We hop in to Sigaboy Island and tried their seafood delicacies at Tibanban. At 1pm we left Tibanban for 2 hours of rough road travel and about 30 minutes of muddy traipse to reach the tip of Governor Generoso.

The long travel and the challenges tagging along our way to Cape San Agustin makes me wonder about what's waiting for us there. Is it worth the experience? My thoughts earlier on the road has been answered by the view I've seen, the Majestic beauty of Cape San Agustin.

A Day Tour to Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental

Lakawero at Governor Generoso

A breeze of cold morning air welcomed us as we wait to board on our service van at Davao City around 3:00am last may 5, 2013. Summer may soon come to its last stretch but it was still the start of my ultimate summer adventure at Sigaboy, Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental. Better late than never right? :)