People's Park of Davao City

The famous PTA grounds of Davao City has transformed into a beautiful, relaxing and very clean park that has been conceptualized into a man-made forest at the heart of Davao. People's Park has now become a landmark and a major attraction of the City for the tourists, visitors and even the locals.

People's Park features mini-forest, interactive and dancing fountains, man-made waterfalls that is connected with the man-made lake, kids playground, tropical rainforest trees, open plaza, durian dome, gigantic statues of lumads all over the park, the Philippine Eagle statue and the Durian dome.

This large sculptures made by Kublai Millan represents the different indigenous groups and tribes present at the southern part of Mindanao especially at Davao map. Presenting their simple life and culture.

There are benches at almost all parts of the "People's Garden", shaded with fully grown trees preventing the direct heat of the sunlight and keeping the cool ambiance of the whole area. The perfect way to relax after a tiring strolling all over the park.

One of the park's attraction is the interactive fountains that can be found at the center of the field. They also have a dancing fountain shows that kids will surely love to witness. fountain show starts at 5:00 pm everyday.

Comfort rooms for men and women

The oval track

fish pond/wishing lake

People's Park is a preview of what Davao City is, from the cleanliness to the orderliness of the entire vicinity, to the very disciplined yet friendly caretakers, the lush of greenery that reflects the beauty of the entire city. Indeed a miniature of the whole city..

People's Park offers a treat for those who wants to break free from the hassle and stress of our daily work routine. Go there, enjoy and relax with your family, friends or loved ones.


People's Park is located at Camus street, in front of Casa Leticia Hotel. A 30 minutes taxi ride from Davao International Airport.

Entrance Fee

Entrance Fee is for free everyday. But be advised that the park is packed with visitors every weekend so better plan your trip carefully.

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