Enchanted River, Hinatuan's Hidden Paradise

Talisay, Hinatuan is a small town at Surigao Del Sur located on the Eastern part of Mindanao. Hinatuan is known for its mystical paradise called "Enchanted River" where a stunning blue lagoon protectively covered by forest in the mountain side.

I was so excited to witness and take a dip on this deep blue crystal clear mixed sea and fresh water that as early as 3:00am, I am already awake and preparing myself for the long journey to this magical place. he he he

Since we are from Davao City, It will be a long hours of journey before we will reach our destination so we departed at as early as 4:30am in the morning for us to have our breakfast there. 

I have seen numerous pictures of this mystical river that's why I can't help but think what is waiting for us there? Does the photos I've seen on the net are real ones or just photoshopped? And will it be worth the travel? 

As we finally reached the place after five and a half hours of travel climbing up and down on the mountains of Davao Oriental, questions running on my mind has finally been answered. I was stunned by what I've seen, almost speechless that the only word that pops out on my mouth was, "WOW" (okay! exag a lil bit.xD)! I appreciated the place even more than what I have seen on the net. Truly an enchanting place that one can say it's too magical to be just a natural work of nature.

The Hinatuan river is said to be so deep that even foreign scuba divers can't reach its ground(I also can tell that basing on the colors of the water). The caretaker of the river stated that the place is called enchanted because legends has it that the river is protected by fairies and elves all the time, that's why, even if there are so many big fishes in the river, you can't seem to catch even one of them. 

Also adding to the attraction, every 12noon and 3:00pm as the bell rings, bathers are requested to get out of the water because that is the time to feed the group of fish that comes out of nowhere. Enchanted hymn will be played all over the place which signals the fish to go up and eat. An event you shouldn't miss.

My family and relatives

The enchanted river has come into some renovations after several years. Visitors can now rent cottages that ranges from 150Php up to 200Php. there are bathrooms and comfort rooms on the vicinity and they built concrete ladders making easy for the swimmers to take a dip.

at vanishing island. from left to right: Harold, Popong, Yobs, Me, Frans and Yhokz Phi 

After we had our lunch, we rented out a 'bangka', a small boat which has a capacity of 5 to 6 people that would take us to another must visit islet near the river called the vanishing island. This vanishing island will only be visible during low tide and at noon is the perfect time to go there. The islet has pure white fine sands with a pristine clear water surrounding it. 

The whole day adventure at Hinatuan, Surigao Del Sur is so fun and worthy. I enjoyed every minute swimming at the enchanting blue waters of Hinatuan River. After so many years I have once again tried riding a 'bangka'. And most of all I was able to have a quality time with my relatives abroad. Thank you for the adventure kuya Jun, Harold and ate Lorean, if not because of you guys, going here will still be a dream until now. he he

Photo Credits to: Yhokz Phi for the camera and Francis for the shots

Enchanted River is a gift for us from nature. It's rare to find amazing place such as this. I just hope that as time pass by, the beauty of this hidden paradise will not fade as we humans take over. 

To those who are planning to visit this place, value this place as if it's your gift to the next generation... Happy trip ^_^


For Inquiries and detailed info, kindly contact Hinatuan Tourism at the ff nos:
09194600855 (ma'am Gema)
09202595554 (river management)

How to get to Enchanted River?

  • If you are from Davao City, you can hail a bus bound to Mangagoy at Ecoland bus terminal. Just tell the driver or conductor to drop you at Hinatuan Bus terminal. If you are in group, you can rent a van at G-mall at 3,000Php roundtrip maximum of 15Pax. Meal of driver is shouldered by your group. Travel time is roughly 5hours.

  • If your are from Butuan, you can also ride a bus bound to Mangagoy at Butuan Bus terminal. Just tell the driver or conductor to drop you at Hinatuan Bus Terminal.

  • From Hinatuan Terminal to Enchanted River, you need to ride a 'habal-habal' motorcycles. fare is at 100Php per pax. Please be advised that the road going to the river is one bumpy ride. 

Enchanted River Fees:

  • Entrance fee - 30Php
  • Cottages - 100Php to 200Php
  • Life Jackets - 15Php/hour
  • Island Hopping - 150Php/hour (300Php package 5 stops) (5pax maximum)

*Boats can be found at the mouth of the river

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