Canibad Beach Cove - The once hidden paradise of Samal Island

A couple of years back, when Facebook just took over the social media, it was the first time I have heard of the beach called Canibad. I remember my fascination was intensely high the moment I saw the photos uploaded by a friend from their trip to the said spot during that time (around 2007 I think). I can't contain my excitement to explore the said spot. I even find my self engrossing in the portraits of its virginity.

Yes! Canibad or Canibad Cove in Samal Island was once a hidden paradise and only few were able to enjoy its pure bliss. It has no resorts, cottages, no entrance fees - just pure, virgin beach only wanderlusts could have ever wandered.

The Hidden Datu Sicao Falls of Tamayong

"Are we there yet?" almost everyone expressed the same uncertainty to our young tour guide minute by minute as we continue to tramp deeper into the jungle of barangay Sicao, Tamayong. The supposed 30 minutes hike into the hidden Sicao falls had turned into a daunting and tiring two hours of endless pursuit. Later did the tour guide affirmed she lost track of the trail. And we're stuck in the middle of the forest with no food to feed our hungry tummies.

A Quick Tour Inside Hacienda Don Juan

Being the oldest town of the SoCCSKSarGen region, Glan, Sarangani does not only boasts with white sand beaches but also they have rich heritage structures that dated back a hundred years ago. Last September 12, 2014 we were lucky enough to take a sneak peek at the 76 years old ancestral house of the Escobal Family at Brgy. Lagu just before they open their doors to the public. Let me take you to a quick tour inside the Hacienda Don Juan.

There is so much more in Glan than White Sands

I never knew that there is so much more than the sun, sea and sand in Glan, Sarangani. Coz what comes to my mind every time a friend mention this rustic town is that long stretch of white sand beach where the famous summer beach party is being held annually. Yes, I am talking about the famous “SarBay Festival” of Sarangani. Well, just recently, I learned that aside from becoming the favored beach destination of SoCCSKSarGen region, this laid back town also has its fair share of time and history as it celebrates its centennial year this coming first week of October 2014.

I was glad to join along with my Byaheng Mindanaw family on our trip to Glan, Sarangani last September 12-13, 2014 for a heritage walk. We visited some of the colonial houses, heritage structures and centuries old trees that serve as the mute witnesses of Glan’s rich history.

Beaching at a new height in Sabang - Kaputian, Samal Island

I first heard about this new spot in Kaputian, Samal Island from a friend about months ago where he seemed to enjoy much of his experience in this so called "Sabang jumping cliff" basing from his facial expressions during our conversation.. "lingaw kaayo bai. promise!" he cheerfully uttered with some sense of pride. I, who had been to Kaputian numerous times was left wondering where in the world is that "Sabang" located at and why didn't I heard of it from the locals.

Sabang or the Grotto - located just a few kilometers from the center is slowly gaining tourists attention after some locals discovered the area then invited a few tourists to do some fun activity like cliff jumping at the Grotto and scuba diving. Since then, Sabang has become one of the alternative spot for beach frolicking in Kaputian aside from the famous Kaputian Beach Resort. And just recently, I finally fed my curiosity about this interesting place my friend told me when we scheduled our outing there.

South Cotabato's T'nalak Festival 2014

South Cotabato - known as the melting pot of unique cultures and scenic destinations celebrated its 48th founding anniversary last July 18, 2014 featuring the grandest and the most colorful festival in the province – The T’nalak Festival 2014.

T’nalak is an intricate tapestry made from abaca fibers which was meticulously hand woven by the T’bolis is a traditional masterpiece that serves as a cultural emblem of the uniquely dubbed “Land of the Dreamweavers” in the south. This unique weaving has served to inspire the celebration of the vibrant T’nalak Festival of South Cotabato.


It was almost a week but the memories I had at the Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary still lingers me, leaving me in reverie of that humbling experience I hold dear in my heart. And now here I am, sharing to the world that piece of happiness I crafted at the heart of Agusan Marsh.

Agusan Marsh is not the usual travel destination for the common crowd as it is incomparable to that white sand beaches you have pictured in mind. We've traveled for almost 5 hours bus ride from Davao City to Trento. Another hour of dusty ride to Loreto. Add the perilous boat trip to the heart of the marshland which took us about an hour and half. In the seemingly endless waters of Agusan River, I gazed at almost everywhere in hopes to find any presence of the crocodiles but sadly, there was none.

Maximum Fun at Maxima Aqua Fun, Samal Island

In an island like IGACOS famed to have long strips of pristine fine white sand beaches, it would be unusual to hear a resort nestling in a boulder setting such as Maxima Aqua Fun Resort. What seems to be an unideal place to cater beach lover folks has turned to be the home of the best water sports activities in the region that both beach bummers and adrenaline junkies like me would surely love.

I was tired from the ecstatic journey we had a day before, but I managed to keep my excitement high as we descend from the peak of Mt. Puting Bato, knowing that I am about to experience the best summer-ender getaway this year at Maxima Aqua Fun.

An Epic Journey to Lake Holon

As soon as I got the invitation from a good friend slash travel blogger Olan about the outreach climb, I instantly nodded without a doubt. Perhaps, It's a fresh start for me to rather focus on productive things than ponder about the distress life has rewarded me the past few weeks.

I am not an adept climber thus the limited experience I have is something I need to deal with along the way. I even asked myself about the bittersweet reality.. Am I ready? Well, at least, spiritually I guess (Blame me for being frailty!). The only reason that motivates me to tag along this journey is the great cause of lending a hand to the local community of Sitio Kule in Tboli, South Cotabato. 

Things to do in Baguio City - Famous Tourist Attractions

Renowned as the 'Summer capital of the Philippines', Baguio City has made its mark as the premiere tourist destination in the Philippines during summer due to its cool climate which gives a refreshing break from the hot and humid weather of the country.

Igorot costumes for rent for 10 pesos. Unlimited shots

There are a lot of tourist attractions Baguio City can offer to the locals and tourist alike. From its rich culture and history to the heritage sites, museums, recreational parks and the ever friendly locals. So, to help you out on your itinerary, I created a list of things to do/places to visit while you're in the City of Pines.